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The Consulting House Mojsijev is founded on July 2008. with a vision to promote new businesses and facilitate the introduction of information technologies into micro and small enterprises, farms and local civic associations.

Since the development of agriculture is one of the long-term priorities and the basis of economy of the Republic of Serbia, creative team of Consulting house Mojsijev set up an ambitious task - making the business application software package FarmSoft S.20.10.

Business application software FarmSoft S.20.10, provides easily management of farms and helps producers to prepare quickly all necessary documentation for certification, governmental subsidies and bank loans. The application software supports the logic of business management and does not require long-term training.

Business application software package FarmSoft S.20.10 includes pallet of products:

Each of these products consists of the following basic and specialized modules:

Book Farm is basic innovative software solution, which includes information on household members, fixed assets and presents „identity card“ of farm.

Accounting- user enters the income and expenditures in a very simple and logical manner.
This module includes the catalogs of business partners, finished products and materials.

Production is a of a set of specialized modules that are different for each FarmSoft S.20.10 product. Production activities are set up in chronological order that provide user easy entry and review of production operations. Special production modules are:

  • Field crops production
  • Vegetable crops production
  • Fruit growth and vineyard
  • Livestock production
  • Milk production
  • Organic production

The reports allow the user to simply and easily obtain all the information, electronic and paper records that followed agricultural production, in order to qualified farm for subsidies, as well as the introduction and monitoring of GLOBALGAP standards and regulations required in organic production.

Business application software package FarmSoft 20.10 is in accordance with the Law on Agriculture and Rural Development, the EU regulation EEC No 834/2007, the EU FADN system, the Law on Organic Production and Organic Products, the Law on Livestock, Animal Welfare Act and other regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.